Thursday 27th October 2016

Welcome to Vorax

Recently Added


I recently made the move to Gnome 3. I'm running Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 LTS on my workstation now and this article covers the things I did to it to keep me sane and productive.


I've added an article about my recent foray into Mesos. It's an awesome system for turning your servers into a something Borg-like and altogether more awesome.


I've added an Ubuntu page to the site today. This is where I keep a copy of the knowledge gained through experience with the popular Linux distribution.


I've moved away from Dyn my DNS and mail relay provider due to them changing yet more of their services and selling my custom to other companies. The direction they're heading as a company and the increasing cost of their services means that it is now justifiable for me to get a whole micro instance on AWS to do all that I need.


The new server has been "going it alone" for about a week now, the old box has been backed up and switched off. All user accounts were moved over without incident and no service disruptions occurred.

I'm loving the new Wandboard, a truly awesome little computer worth every penny.


The new teeny tiny server has now taken over responsibility for all of the network services. I'm a final backup away from discontinuing the old server.


My website has been re-homed to the new server. My new server is built on an awesome piece of kit called a wand board. I am amazed at how fast and capable this diminutive power house is. Head over to the wandboard website and see for yourself.


I've released my first KSP addon, kdata I did this as a learning exercise and also because I felt the game was missing this bit of functionality. You can see it over on kerbal space port and you can even pick up a copy of the code from the kdata google code repository if you like.

Watch this space for details, I'm hoping to write another couple of KSP mods in the not to distant future specifically to do with the mental challenges of going into space for kerbals.

The Point

Initially Vorax was setup as a sandbox for me to play in with new web development technologies. Nowadays Vorax is a hard working little box that lives in the garage. While I no longer use Vorax very much for sandboxing new development ideas, I do use it as a blog and as somewhere to host a couple of sites for family and friends.