Chemical soaked, I float alone,
tendrils extending to the edges of night.
Messages, demanding, such endless noise,
all signals lost, without my oversight.

Within me another, fearful child!
I dare not share or confide.
So fragile, yet mighty, and full of ideas,
I serve and protect from inside.

Is me who I am, behind my eyes?
this self, I tell of to others?
Am I conscience? Personality? Some mix of the two?
It's dark introspection that smothers.

I know without knowing so much of myself,
each heartbeat, each growl from within.
Each urge and desire, each nerve and each fibre,
each virtue, and every sin.

Duplicitous me, my split-minded self;
The instinctive pragmatic, and illusory guy.
Carefully hidden, within my own sight;
so simple a question, who am I?