What to eat?

Why value one kind life more than another? Is a cow more or less worthy than a pig? Is a tree? A blade of grass? A virus? How should we live upon this world? When we pluck a grape from the vine and eat it, feeding our body on the energy stored within, it’s life essence if you will, are we doing evil? From the food’s perspective, yes I think we are. To a blade of grass, a cow is a slayer of millions, the bane of existence. To a zebra, a lion is the taker of children, and a murderer of mothers. To a cow we are the perpatrators of a holocaust to end all holocausts. It seems we’re all doomed to consume life, and by all, I do mean all living things that depend on the lives of others for sustenance. Given that this observable truth is so, then surely it matters not what we eat, but rather how we act as custodians of our planet, how we ensure that there always is something to eat, and how we ensure that we do not waste, or cause an excess of suffering for the eaten or the eater.