My Kids

You opened your eyes, and opened my heart,
your innocence peering up from my arms.
Time stopped in my world, all done was all done,
by this life I must keep from all harms. 

A lazy blink, a bright eye,
the faintest hint of a grin;
what wonder, what marvel, what purest perfection,
what fear-mingled-joy within.

You grow, and jostle, and bump, and bruise,
as you find your path, your way.
Time flies by, my life on happy pause,
until that second day.

When light met pride, and joy met both,
my heart grew more to fit,
the double love, that bloomed within,
when a second came to sit, 

upon my knee, with gurgled words,
love, and hugs abound.
First brother, then sister, the set complete,
no prouder father to be found.