Goodbye Mum

I sat with you on your last day, hand-in-hand together,
this simple act of contact, serving as our tether.
I whispered gently to you, of happy times gone by,
I wanted to distract us both, I was trying not to cry.

I reminded you of walks to school, and ‘splodging’ in the rain,
of just how good a mum you are, but I could not still your pain.
You breathed your last and slipped away, my heart began to break,
Such life, and light, had left this earth, how can any of us take,

this saddest loss, of one so loved, this kind and gentle soul.
How can we live without your light, and love to keep us whole?
You lived each day of your life, wearing your happy smile,
you taught us how to weather storms, and how to go that extra mile.

So I think, you’d tell me now, “cheer up! you’re not alone,
I’ll live on here inside you son, with bad jokes to make you groan”.
And so you are, here in my heart, your unbidden memories come,
and your still the best a boy could want in a woman to call mum.