Day 16534

My adventure on this planet is proving to be rather dull of late. Still, dull is better than drama-filled, especially in a pandemic. I'm starting to see the appeal of the shotgun, porch and rocking chair, as a pass-time, more and more these days. What is going on with the leaders of the world? Have I been naive for most of my life, or are politicians getting worse at hiding corruption? I stand and behold the crazy that is modern life and I am both bemused and concerned, by my fellow humans.

How is it that we find ourselves in a world that seems to be slipping backwards into bigotry, hate and division. Even this is not certain to be true of course, given the way in which the media hype and misreport to excess. Who know's this could be the best it's ever been, but how would we know?

I long to live in a world where the media are held responsible for both what and how they report the news. Imagine actually being educated and informed by the press rather than incensed and triggered? Imagine being greeted by news that shows what is right with the world as well as what is wrong. What is the ratio of good/bad happenings in the world, and what are the ratio of good/bad news? What does all this negative press do to a human mind? Breeds fear, spreads discontent, encourages mistrust in others, casts life into the dark shadows of depression. How much better could it be to have a truly balanced perspective about the world?

I equally long to live in a world where politicians serve the people, have personal integrity and a genuine will to see the world a better place. All too often I see our leaders being blatantly evasive, dishonest, and at times corrupt. How did Donald Trump and Boris Johnson end up in charge? How can normal every day people not see their failings and gratuitous incompetence?  

In the echo-chamber of social media, it seems any reported belief, no matter how fallacious, uninformed or frankly idiotic, can flourish and grow to stupendous proportions.