Thursday 23rd July 2015

Simple RPG

A pen and pencil role-playing game that is easy to learn, easy to play and realistic enough while still being fun! If you know anything about pen an pencil role playing, you'll know that this is a fairly tall order. The better the realism a set of rules give you, the higher the complexity the player and the game master has to cope with.

So, this simple RPG page of mine will endeavour to describe a rule-set to run a role playing game where the rules don't hold up the story, no-one gets bored waiting for the GM to find the elusive result from the equally elusive table because our system won't use tables! I also aim to get back to the simple single side of A4 as a character sheet. Notes and equipment on the back with everything else that you need on the front.

Core rules

  1. The basics
  2. Aptitude
  3. Abilities
  4. Actions
  5. Difficulty
  6. Wounds
  7. Experience
  8. Creating a PAE

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