Thursday 23rd July 2015


Much of what your PAE can do in the game hinges on how difficult things are for them to achieve. Considering the range of normal human ability the following show a range of possibly difficulties and provide a description of each.

1-3. Actions with difficulty in this sort of range are usually so simple that they are not worth mentioning. No-one typically needs to roll to determine success for them.

4-5. A work task requiring concentration. Sometimes these can require multiple attempts before you succeed

6-8. A fairly hard and often actively opposed task, failure at these tasks is quite common for the average person.

9-11. These task are often failed when attempted, even those of us who are exceptional find tasks of this level difficult if not impossible to achieve.

12-14. Extremely difficult, expect to fail for all but the most talented and lucky people

15-18. Impossible feat. Most people regard actions of this difficulty to be miraculous (if achieved) and frankly impossible otherwise.

18+. Truly impossible. we're entering the realm of demi-god ability

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