Thursday 27th October 2016

Creating Player Alter-Egos

The simplest way to create a PAE is to describe the character you want to play to the GM and have him or her tell you the numbers. Their are other ways that can be used (with the GMs) agreement that will give more control in the PAE creation process to the player. Here's the mechanism I use, feel free to use it yourself or come up with a better one. The only important rule here is that anything goes as long as the GM is happy to have it in his or her story.

Create a back-story

Decide who your PAE is. come up with a back-story for your character that you agree with the GM. Who is your PAE? Where are they from? What do they look like? What sort of person are they? What do they like and dislike? Figure these things out and write them down, come up with a little bit of history for your character so that you can talk about them and tell others interesting facts about the PAE you're playing.

Create aptitude scores

You can use the dice to determine a number of aptitude scores by rolling three dice at once and discarding the highest and the lowest result. Repeat this process eight times then allocate these numbers to your aptitude scores. If you do not want a magickal character then you can discard the two lowest scores.

Creating ability scores

Once you have your aptitudes in place you should select some skills that you think your character will have learned. Each aptitude point you have allows you to select a skill. Thus if you have a strength of four, you can have four strength based skills. Where a skill requires more than one attribute, it counts towards both point pools. Thus a skill that uses both strength and agility will reduce the allowed number for both strength skills and agility skills by one.

Determining experience

Your characters age, education and background will alter their starting experience. Totally new characters off on their first adventure in the big wide world could start with no experience. Older characters, or those with a profession will have gained some experience. The GM will tell you how much experience your character starts with.

Educated: 1-5 starting experience points
Professional: 6-10 starting experience points
Seasoned: 10-20 starting experience points
Old master: 21-30 starting experience points

These points can be spent on your PAE in the usual way. (See experience for details)

Wealth & Equipment

The GM will tell you how much money your character has in their pocket or in the bank. Your characters personal wealth may or may not be important to the story the GM is trying to tell.

Once you know how much cash you have available, you need to decide what sort of clothes and equipment your character has. The GM will likely present you with a table or list of available items and the associated costs. I tend to let players have anything they can reasonably explain. Once again, the final say is the GMs as he or she has to make your things work in their story.

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