Thursday 27th October 2016


I ask myself... is someone at Blizzard smoking bamboo? They've decided to add a Panda-themed race to their MMORPG, World of Warcraft. Now WoW is known for it's quirky bits and a disturbing tendency to involve the player in quests to do with crap (yes excrement of the botty variety) but this is the first time (to my knowledge) that they have actually had a shit idea of this magnitude.

Not only are they adding a panda based race to the game, but these pandas are rather predictably, kung-fu pandas that come with an all new (read done to death) monk class who prefers to fight with their hands against people packing big-assed magical weapons.

Oh well... there goes the game, come on Guild Wars 2, I don't think I can take much more of the bottom-of-the-barrel scrapings from Blizzard.

Any of you looking for a WoW replacement... you should seriously consider LOTRO it's a much better looking game with good playability and a decent community. I for one can see me heading back there in light of the upcoming Blizzard add-on.