Thursday 27th October 2016


At first there was perfection, balance, everything in pristine undisturbed harmony. All of existence in stasis, extending mirror smooth into eternity. Everything was encapsulated in this single perfect entity, it had no thought, no gender, no needs, no wants, it simply existed. It had no need for names, but men have come to know this first perfect being as Nok'suul. It's eternal form filled all of reality, it was and still is the essence of all things. In this time before time, this place of perfect stasis nothing was as we know it, Nok'suul was all.

Nok'suul stirred. It is not understood why or how the eternal one was roused from it's calm. Slowly at first like ripples across the pond, the disturbance spread. The dawn of time had come, the beginning. As the stirrings began, so came the first thought and the destruction of Nok'suul. A thought to such a pure thing was a pollutant beyond reckoning, the thought coursed through the once still perfection, self-realisation and turmoil ensued, the creature undulated violently, indecision twisted and wracked the once perfect being. Nok'suul shook itself apart, this first essence was scattered in a gigantic explosion, the birth of reality.

Millennia passed by, the first essence was still expanding to fill the void, great clouds of dust and gas rushing ever outwards, Nok'suul had long passed from consciousness, destroyed by simple indecision. Three distinct groups of substance erupted from the creature, that which made up it's body, it's thoughts, and it's spirit. The powerful aspects of the first thought trapped vast quantities of the original spirit in close proximity. This was the beginning of the gods, each one took form over millennia, born from the first essence, gathering strength as the thoughts formed into personalities. These beings were born of the destruction that created the universe, they were the first, and they will be the last.

Five beings in all were formed in this way, between them they represent the five aspects of the original thought; Ralstan the Good, Thanavox the Evil one, Billisz the Chaotic, Aran the bringer of Order and Rem the Scholar. These are the five old ones, the fathers (and mothers) of the gods.

At first the five fought terribly, each one trying to gain superiority over the others in combat, they were so evenly matched that their efforts came to nought and soon they set themselves to increasing their power, a cosmic arms race that has given rise to all that we know. They set about gathering the essence of the original being, for they only had a small part of it within themselves, in fact, between them they hardly made up one thousandth of one percent of that which was first. It quickly became apparent that the true power of the creator laid in his thoughts and his spirit the body being merely a lifeless shell that exploded to fill the void. Then began the harvest! It was found that the spirit had scattered across the vast expanse that is the universe and sparked off life in many places, though few when compared with eternity these places where like rich mines for souls, valuable veins of raw power for the gods, or so they thought. It soon became apparent that simply feeding on these beings and draining there souls was not enough, they had one evolved defence that even the gods could not overcome, although they were weak, they had freedom of thought, this freedom of there impure and polluted thought made them incompatible with the gods, the gods unable to infuse the essence of these creatures with there own without risking that which defined them.

The only way the gods could gain power was to bend these new creatures to there will, changing their thoughts to be more in line with the gods own, then they would have vast armies of souls to do battle for them in eternity. Now the five were posed with a new set of challenges, how were they to attract these souls unto themselves? Over the millennia that ensued, the greatest irony of all was to occur - the most powerful beings in the universe began to serve the weakest, simply to gain their favour!

The five took on forms which were more pleasing to there charges and they picked champions from the ranks of the mortals, and taught them all they knew, this in order to better understand the mortals themselves and thus empower the harvest. One of the five, was so amused by these lesser beings that he Rem soon lost interest in the struggle for power that his brothers and sisters still fought for so fervently. Rem's goal became the continuation of the game for eternity, seeking the free will of the mortals so that their souls were unclaimed as they passed from there physical existence into the after-life.

As the war raged on between his brethren, Rem persuaded Billisz and Aran that the continuation of the game was more important and interesting than one of them winning. Aran was quick to agree as long as some rules were established for the game to be played by; unclaimed souls would be reborn, planets would turn, day would follow night, would follow day, physics, mechanics all the order of the universe was agreed by the three. Billisz agreed to abide by the new rules as long as there could be randomness, chance and luck to effect the outcomes. Aran was reluctant at first, but new that the order of the universe must adapt to include the Chaos lest order be ever destroyed, There was order enough in this balance between order and chaos to please Aran and chaos enough to please Billisz.

The three swore to work together to further their common cause, Billisz distracted Thanavox and Ralstan while Aran ordered reality into five planes of existence. Aran crafted the planes to polarise the forces in the universe, he created four new planes each attuned to one of the four forces; good, evil, order and chaos. Within each plane he created an inner sanctum, a secure place, fit for a god, one way in and one way out, each sanctum was easy to defend and a made a sensible retreat for the battle-weary gods. Aran crafted impregnable doors for the sanctums that could be locked from the inside making these places safe for the occupant. In the centre he left the nexus, our universe, a mixture of all four forces, he created gates to connect the planes. Satisfied with his work he returned to the others and told them of his labours.

The planes were separate, no man nor god could move between them except by the gates Aran made. In dividing reality into the planes Aran had made a place that was favoured by each of the gods, each god was drawn to the place they most resembled, each god was more powerful in the plane they most resembled. Ralstan and Thanavox quickly moved to seize their planes for themselves, they staked their claim unopposed as neither could bare to be in the others domain. Four of the gods each took their place in their new sanctums and worked the locks to ensure the others could not disturb their rest.

Rem remained in the nexus, being neutral, he was not drawn to any of the four new planes. This was the moment Rem had waited for, the gods wrapped up in their new distraction, Rem played his hand and worked a spell to ensure the game would last for all eternity. Rem sealed the gates to the sanctums of Thanavox and Ralstan from the outside, so great was his magick that the two were jailed within their lairs forever! The gods of good and evil raged within their prisons, but the doors were designed to never fail, Aran's work was without flaw and Rem's spell had fused the locks shut, never again would the gods of good and evil walk among men.

Trapped as they were the two gods were forced to act through emissaries and agents. They found they could commune with their faithful and require them to do things on their behalf, the gods of good and evil eventually discovered that they could channel their power through the most devout and work miracles to further their cause. The faithful grew, the gods extended their reach attracting, coercing, tricking and threatening more to join the ranks of believers. As these new believers died, their souls were drawn to the plane of their god to try to meld with their creator this was not possible however and thus the souls simply remained within the plane outside the sanctum of their god...